Logistic Control For Medicine Stock Facility

In logistic operational process at medicine stock facility, there are 2 important area which should be controlled equally, that is:

  • Stock Planning Process
  • Physical Distribution Process

In the following chart is illustrated relationship between the two areas and input-output relationship.

From the above chart, it can be found that generally, process involved in logistic planning and control consists of:

  • Stock Planning Process (Red Area), which consists of data collection (sales data, logistic costs data, etc), data processing and calculation for purchase planning.
  • Physical distribution process which consists of transportation, receipt, storage and issuance goods. The two areas will rely upon each other so that it is very important to make sure appropriateness between Physical Distribution Process and Stock Planning Process and otherwise.

To discuss the four processes in two areas mentioned above requires extensive explanation so that it is necessary to divide 3 series:

  • Series-1: Stock Planning Process
  • Series-2: Purchase Planning Process
  • Series-3: Physical Distribution Process

Other than the 4 processes mentioned above, there are other factors influencing success in logistic control process for medicine stock facilities, namely:

  • IT supporting facility
  • Manpower factor
  • Other supporting facility

1. IT Supporting Facility

IT infrastructure is very important in supporting logistic control process. Sales data collection process which is based upon line, quantity, relation, and others, for further analysis, will be conducted easily if supported by computing equipment in each process.

More than merely collecting data, Medicine Supplying Facility also can use this assisting equipment for analysis process and sales forecast. The same with Physical Distribution area, receipt, delivery and monitoring of goods can be carried out well if IT supporting facilities are available.

2. Manpower Factor 

The same with IT Infrastructure, manpower is also important in logistic control process. Good IT supporting facility cannot result desired output if input and manner in using are not appropriate (Garbage In Garbage Out).

For physical distribution area, Manpower Factor plays important role in case of disciplinary to make sure fitness between system and data inside it with process and actual physical condition. In line with such matter, especially for pharmaceutical product storage, worker is required to know manner of correct handling in order that product benefit will be maintained during distribution process (Good Storage Practice).

3. Other supporting facilities

This facility covers warehousing standard that satisfies requirements, either regulatory requirement or condition required for appropriate handling of medicines.

Infrastructure in relation to occupational security and safety also should be taken into account because this will support working condition for smooth process.

In the following series will be discussed Stock Planning Process commenced from sales data collection, sales forecasting process and need computation. (Rosariwaty Tedjokoesoemo)