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AAM Achieves Halal Assurance System Status from MUI to Commemorate Dexa Group's 50th Anniversary

Dexa Group commemorated its 50th anniversary on September 27, 2019, in Palembang. The "Celebrating 50 Years of Dexa Medica'' event was held with several series of events, beginning with the inauguration of the expansion of the Cephalosporin Dexa Site Palembang facility and the granting of a CPOB certificate for the Dexa Development Center pilot plant facility in Cikarang.

LPPOM MUI also presented Halal Certificates for over 800 finished drugs and 30 bio-active fraction extracts produced by all of Dexa Group's factories. Along with the Halal Certificates, all factories within Dexa Group, namely PT Dexa Medica's Palembang and Cikarang factories, PT Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals, PT Fonko International, and PT Beta Pharmacon, also received a Halal Assurance System (SJH) with a Very Good category as recognition from LPPOM MUI for applying the halal product production system.

The Very Good category of the Halal Assurance System was also given to PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) as the first pharmaceutical distributor in Indonesia to apply the Halal Assurance System in the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical products. The ceremonial of Halal Assurance System was presented by the Director of LPPOM MUI, Mr. Lukmanul Hakim, to the President Director of AAM, Mrs. Juliwaty.

Also attending the event were BPJS President Director Mr. Fachmi Idris, Palembang City Secretary Mr. Ratu Dewa, Economist Mr. Faisal Basri, academicians, doctors, principals, and Dexa Group partners.


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