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Sekilas Perusahaan
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PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) is a trusted distributor company of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and global healthcare products with more than four decades of experience.

We have a vision, mission, and commitment to distribute the high quality healthcare products with reliable services throughout the country using digital-based information and technology systems to integrate every operational aspect of the distribution platform and implement international standard operational procedures.


AAM grows with thousands of business partners and customers who trust us to penetrate the market through thousands of high-quality and competent AAM professionals.


AAM is part of the Medela Potentia, which has successfully developed an exceptional portfolio of pharmaceutical, healthcare, and various medical devices products in different categories.


Medela Potentia uses its deep experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and health industry in Indonesia to continuously equip itself with products that meet the needs and preferences of society and become a trusted partner for national and global principals.

AAM is trusted by more than 70 world-class principals with 500+ years of accumulated partnership in the health industry through 4 business pillars: Prescription Drugs, Consumer Health, Medical Devices, and Specialty products. Together, AAM and its principals continuously provides sustainable growth.


A trusted global healthcare company to provide significant added values for our customers and business partners.


We strive to be an indispensable company by:

•Providing a robust supply chain and a vast distribution network •Applying state-of-the-art-systems and information technology •Providing good quality products to fulfill our consumers’ needs •Building purpose-led talents

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AAM is supported by a highly competent and qualified human resource, who upholds the values of:

• Strive for Excellence

• Act Professionally, and

• Deal with Care.

These core values are held firmly and consistently implemented by all Argons (AAM employees) without exception.


Over 42 years of operation, AAM has contributed to the national health resilience through its growing distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.






Repositioned as a distribution company

Implemented ERP and launched analytical business platform

Incorporated as a trading company



Halal certified, Autorised Economic Operator (AEO) certified, and Cara Distribusi Alat Kesehatan yang Baik (CDAKB) certified


ISO 9001 certified

Indonesia Customer Service Champions (ICSC) award winner

Good Distribution Practices (GDP) certified

Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP) certified

Strengthened the infrastructure by opening a Distribution Center (DC) in Tangerang branch


Expanded into consumer health product distribution

Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik (CDOB) certified




Langkah AAM selama lebih dari 4 dekade memberikan kontribusi bagi ketahanan kesehatan nasional melalui keunggulan distribusi produk farmasi dan alat kesehatan yang terus bertumbuh.








Reposisi sebagai perusahaan distribusi

Mengimplementasikan ERP dan meluncurkan platform bisnis analitis

Berbadan hukum sebagai perusahaan dagang

Membangun kompetensi sebagai distributor produk kesehatan

Tersertifikasi Good Storage and Distribution Practices (GSDP)

Tersertifikasi ISO 9001

Tersertifikasi Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

Tersertifikasi Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik (CDOB)

Memperkuat infrastruktur dengan membuka Distribution Center di Tangerang



Tersertifikasi Halal, Autorised Economic Operator (AEO), dan Cara Distribusi Alat Kesehatan yang Baik (CDAKB)



Mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai Indonesia Customer Service Champions (ICSC)

Organization Policy

AAM is a national distribution company of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and healthcare products with competitive advantages in:

Reliable in Market Penetration and Exploration
State-of-the-art and Integrated Technology System
Productive Through Technology
As a professional, trustworthy, and compliant national company, AAM is committed to:


Understanding and meeting customer requirements, government regulations and other relevant business requirements to meet customer satisfaction.


Continuously improving processes and enhancing the competence of all employees.


Adhere to the company's vision, mission, and core values.


Controlling all processes with a risk-based thinking principle for effectiveness, efficiency, and process performance improvement, and to achieve the organization's established targets.

Digital & Technology

Digital dan Teknologi

AAM's integrated IT system reliability ensures efficient and effective processes. The state-of-the-art technology is market-driven with standout products such as:

IPOS dan Sistem B2B



An advanced application that acts as a ordering process facilitator connecting customers with AAM accessible via smartphone or web-based, making it easier for customers to place orders, wherever and whenever.

A reliable discount management system that utilized by many principals for accurate management of discount applications and settings.

Salesman application in smartphone that assists and ensures basic activities such as call plans, cross up selling, stock checks, reading historical sales relations, etc. Ensuring AAM's sales team has the capability to explore the market.

Supply Chain Business Intelligence System


Virtual Account (VA) System

Supply Chain Business Intelligence System

Accurate stock allocation service that ensures accurate product, time and quantity allocation to branches based on reliable forecasting processes. AAM's distribution center and branch warehouses is equipped with a WMS system and barcode systems.

Delivery monitoring system that ensures delivery service levels are maintained through delivery monitoring system.

Virtual Account (VA) System

A system to facilitate easier payment for partners.

Document Monitoring System



Document Monitoring System

A system to ensure accurate document processing at hospitals supported by compliance monitoring for ID Package fulfillment.

A delivery monitoring application that ensures high service level is maintained by monitoring delivery processes.

A reporting system provided for all principals consisting of various reporting products. INFOSTEP ensures data and information availability ranging from real-time to scheduled, simple to strategic, with some products accessible via smartphone for user convenience.

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