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AAM and Daiken Soft Launch Two Medical Devices for Therapeutic Treatment

AAM Extends The Medical Devices Product Range with New Products


As an evidence of service commitment to the customers in providing a complete range of pharmaceutical products and medical devices, on September 22, 2010, AAM Medical Devices Department, has held a soft launch of new products, they are COOPDECH SYRINJECTOR and BALLOONJECTOR. Both products are medical devices that function as a disposable infusion for pain management therapy, chemotherapy, and anesthesia.

Soft launching event comprised of presentations on the benefits and advantages of products “COOPDECH SYRINJECTOR & BALOONJECTOR” in Nurse & Analyst Gathering Event, conducted in various cities in Java.

The soft launch event was conducted in two different occasions. First event took place at Nine Café, Surabaya on 25 September 2010, inviting customers in Surabaya and surrounding areas. Then, followed by the second event that was held at Sasana Mangunsuka, the House of Danra Hadi Solo on October 23, 2010, with the participation of customers in the region of Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang and surrounding areas. These soft-launch activities culminated in the event Nurse & Analyst Gathering which was held for the customers in Greater Jakarta, Bekasi, Tangerang and the surrounding areas on November 13, 2010 at the Titan Theater, Titan Building Center, Bintaro.

Each event is attended by 120 participants in average, consists of the director, physicians, nurses, analysts and the procurement personnel of hospitals in each city. Participants were very enthusiastic when listening to a presentation, introducing the product “COOPDECH SYRINJECTOR & BALLOONJECTOR” produced by Daiken (Japan), which is the first single-use infusion device with three distinctive features.

The three features are:

  1. It deploys atmospheric pressure system.

  2. It has an IQ valve that can draw or fill-in the liquid contents.

  3. It is equipped with flow selector to regulate the flow rate at three different types of flow.

During the event, there were also a movie presentation and interactive Question & Answer session, also gimmick giveaways for the active participants, and concluded by door prize lucky draw. All participants went home satisfactorily, fully assured by Daiken product knowledge to be readily applied! Good work and until we meet again! (*)


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