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“AAM Berbagi” with Those in Need

One of the values held by PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) is caring (Deal with Care), not only for the company's internal environment, but also for its external environment. If in previous years, social activities could still be carried out by gathering face-to-face, this year, following the government's regulation, AAM did not hold any gathering activities.

“AAM Berbagi” is a social activity that involves sharing basic food necessities with people around the AAM branch offices, which started on May 18, 2020 in each AAM branch office.

“AAM Berbagi” was initiated by the AAM’s head office and carried out in all AAM branch offices, which are scattered in more than 35 locations throughout Indonesia. Each Branch Manager who led the implementation of this activity collaborated with the local neighborhood association to obtain data on families that needed to be given food assistance.

With the distribution of AAM branch locations, about 1,000 families have received this basic food package. Following the social restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, this donation was given symbolically to representatives of the local neighborhood associations while adhering to health protocols.


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