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AAM Launches Infostep Application to Drive Principal Business Growth

Corporate News - PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) boasts state-of-the-art technology with a market-driven focus, positioning itself as a reliable player in the industry. One of its recent advances is the launch of the Infostep application, ensuring principals have effective and efficient access to sales data.

The latest development of Infostep offers seven outstanding features to support principal business growth:

  1. Insight Hub, serves as a solution center for obtaining relevant data and analysis in real-time, anytime, anywhere.

  2. Sales Performance, displays real-time sales data, growth trends, and customer purchasing information.

  3. Inventory, provides branch-level stock information including stock status, quantities, and expiry dates.

  4. Discount Approval, streamlines discount request and approval processes via mobile in real-time.

  5. Transaction Management, regulates transaction access according to Principal strategies.

  6. Secure, offers single login and encryption with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256.

  7. News Update, delivers the latest news updates related to AAM.

All AAM principals can use the Infostep application services starting from May 2024. Infostep aims to provide principals with efficient and effective sales experiences, enabling quicker and more informed business decisions due to real-time information availability.

"With real-time data, and access settings, principals can utilize information for prompt and accurate decision-making, driving the growth of our principals' businesses," said Mr. Harris Lesmana, Commercial Director of AAM.

Ms. Juliwaty, President Director of AAM, emphasized that the launch of the Infostep application reflects AAM's commitment to providing the best services to all principals.

"The launch of the Infostep application also underscores AAM's commitment to continuously improve services to its principals. AAM strives to be a reliable partner, dedicated to growing alongside its principals," added Ms. Juliwaty.

The advantages system and technology offered by AAM through the Infostep application provide added value to principals. Mr. Listiyanto Andriatmono, Sales & Marketing Director of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Indonesia, commented, "The system is excellently built to boost performance and meet sales targets; we can also track our performance simultaneously."

Similarly, principals like Novo Nordisk Indonesia have praised the reliability of various features in Infostep, which aids in business planning and sales.

"Overall, it has been very helpful, accessible from smartphones, user-friendly, and provides comprehensive information covering sales, stock, and zooming in by product/customer/branch," expressed Dr. Arya Wibitomo, Insulin Business Unit Director of Novo Nordisk Indonesia.

With over four decades of trust from more than 70 world-class principals and accumulated cooperation experience of over 500 years in the healthcare industry, AAM continuously delivers sustainable growth for every principal.


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