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Enhancing Services for Business Partners, AAM Hosts Independent Optic Gathering

PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) positions itself as a distributor and partner to grow together in developing the business to enhance customer services.

On November 4, 2022, at The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta, AAM and Alcon Indonesia (Alcon) hosted a gathering and knowledge-sharing event attended by several partners from Independent Optic, Alcon's principal partner.

Ms. Ellyana Sari, an Alcon consultant, conducted the knowledge-sharing session and presented "Choose and Recommend the Best Contact Lens and Solution Products to your Customer." Mrs. Ellyana also outlined the many product categories held by Alcon and available for Independent Optic to suggest to customers.

According to Ms. Ellyana, "We are certain that via this knowledge exchange, the opticians from Independent Optic present will expand their knowledge so they can prescribe contact lenses and other eye goods that are appropriate for persons with eye illnesses."

For more than 42 years, AAM has continued to build end-to-end capabilities that significantly improve the service level it offers to its clients and business partners.

"AAM's dedication to growing knowledge from consumers and company partners to continue to build their business" was demonstrated by this event," said Group Business CHP AAM Manager, Ms. Tarida Nadapdap, who was also present at this event.

The lively question-and-answer session, followed by a shared lunch, demonstrated the energy of the present business partners. "It's a nice event since it allows us to socialize and brush up on our knowledge of Alcon contact lens products. The expectation is to attempt it again tomorrow," One of the Independent Optic partners at the event remarked.


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