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Excellence in Distribution Network, AAM Trusted by ATS Farma

PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) has been once again entrusted by its business partner to distribute various global pharmaceutical products from ATS Farma (ATSF). The distribution cooperation agreement was symbolically signed by AAM's President Director, Ms. Juliwaty, and ATSF's Managing Director, Mr. Laurencelo Sidamukti.

"ATSF chose AAM because we believe in AAM's experience and ability to distribute pharmaceutical products through all of AAM's branches nationwide. AAM offers excellence inventory management and better lead time for shipping, which ultimately ensures the availability of products in the market," Mr. Laurencelo said in his remarks.

ATSF and AAM will synergize to bring pharmaceutical products from global principals and distribute them to all distribution channels starting from December 1, 2022. Currently, AAM serves more than 70,000 customers in the Pharmacy Channel, Hospital, Drug Store, Modern Outlet, and others. AAM is ready to distribute products from ATSF through more than 800 salesman, 90 Customer Service Officers (CSO), and more than 2,300 professionals to provide excellent service to customers and business partners.

"With the signing of this distribution cooperation agreement, AAM proves its excellence and commitment as a trusted distribution company and is ready to develop its business partners," said Ms. Juliwaty.

Not only a strong distribution network, but AAM also provides digital solutions to support an integrated ordering system through the Integrated Purchase Order System (IPOS). As a B2B Digital Order Management Platform, IPOS will make it easier to order ATSF's products from AAM.

AAM is a subsidiary of Medela Potentia with over 42 years of experience and a network throughout the country, supported by a distribution network consisting of 1 National Distribution Center, 36 branch offices, 33 retail warehouses, supported by 10 representative offices, and 60 sales points. With these advantages, ATSF and AAM can grow together and provide better access to quality products for patients in need.


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