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PT Medela Potentia and its subsidiaries through Argon Peduli organized donation and health counseling for Bekasi City residents.

PT Medela Potentia and its subsidiaries through Argon Peduli organized donations and health counseling for residents of Duren Jaya Village, Bekasi, West Java on Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

This social activity for residents around PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) Bekasi Branch is also to fulfill the need for a healthy environment for quality of life not only now, but for future generations.

The donation provided by Argon Peduli is in the form of a number of flood pumping equipment to overcome puddles that often inundate the community environment during the rainy season.

"Thank you for the flood pumping equipment to overcome the floods that often occur. Hopefully the Duren Jaya Village area will no longer flood," said one of the residents, Mr. Carwin.

In addition to improving the physical health of residents, Argon Peduli also conducts health counseling related to parenting. Insights on proper parenting need to be known by parents to be able to better educate the next generation.

Argon Peduli also presented Psychologist Dra. Yulinar Ratih Dewayani to help Duren Jaya in the era of increasingly advanced information technology and the internet which is increasingly accessible to children, because proper parenting is needed for children to grow well and have good character.

In the counseling, Dra. Yulinar Ratih Dewayani said that the best parenting is democratic parenting.

"We must provide opportunities for children from a young age to be involved in making small decisions and be taught to be independent, so that they grow in confidence," said Mrs. Yuli.

The community also expressed their appreciation for Argon Peduli's concern for the environment and society. "Hopefully, with Argon Peduli's care, our residents will be healthy and our children will be smart. This activity is very useful so that our insights and knowledge increase in parenting," said Mr. Carwin.

Also attending this activity were AAM HR Business Partner Manager Mrs. Lucy Christiani, Dharma Dexa Manager Mr. Bangun Mugihantoro, AAM Bekasi Branch team and Argon Peduli team.

AAM Bekasi Branch Manager, Mr. Steve Nova Wibowo revealed that AAM always contributes to community health security and various other social activities, through Argon Peduli. This activity is also an implementation of one of the company's core values, Deal with Care.


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