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Reopening AAM Palu Branch Strengthens Healthcare Access in Sulawesi

PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) continues to demonstrate its commitment to distributing pharmaceutical products across Indonesia. Following the inauguration of the AAM Pangkalpinang Branch on Friday, May 17, 2024, AAM has now officially reopened its branch office in Palu, Central Sulawesi. The AAM Palu Branch was inaugurated by AAM Operations Director Mr. Setyawan Pantja Juwono on Tuesday, May 21, 2024, in Palu City.

Opening ceremony was attended by representatives from the Central Sulawesi Provincial Health Office, including Mrs. Meyke Mayselina Wongkar, S.Farm., M.Si., Apt., Head of Pharmacy and Medical Devices and Health Human Resources Division, and Mrs. Andi Dian Suryani, Head of the Palu Food and Drug Authority Certification Team.

Also present were AAM Regional Operations Manager Mr. Wiratama Listyo Diyatmoko, AAM Logistic Operation Manager Mr. Endang Sukandar, AAM Palu Branch Manager Mr. Marthin Tri Cahyono, along with hospital directors from both public and private sectors, pharmacy and modern market partners, major pharmaceutical traders, principals, and AAM Palu Branch employees.

Mr. Setyawan Pantja Juwono performed a ribbon-cutting and tumpeng ceremony as a symbolic gesture of the branch's reopening. The Palu branch had transitioned to a representative office after the earthquake and tsunami in 2018. Now, six years later, the AAM Palu Branch is officially operational, serving the pharmaceutical, medical equipment, cosmetics, and consumer product needs of 2.9 million residents in Central Sulawesi Province.

Mr. Krestijanto Pandji, President Director of PT Medela Potentia, emphasized that the reopening of the AAM Palu Branch reflects the company's commitment to expanding access to health products for the people of Sulawesi. "The reopening of the Palu Branch demonstrates our serious efforts to support the health improvement of the Palu and Sulawesi communities by ensuring better access to health products," added Mr. Krestijanto Pandji.

AAM Palu will now distribute pharmaceutical products, medical devices, cosmetics, and consumer goods more quickly to partners, reducing delivery times. "Previously, deliveries were made from AAM Makassar, taking several days. With the reopening of the Palu Branch, deliveries will be faster, and AAM can enhance service quality for principals and partners," said AAM President Director Ms. Juliwaty.

Mr. Setyawan Pantja Juwono expressed pride in reopening the branch after the 2018 disaster, noting that this 37th branch will serve all of Central Sulawesi Province and Pasangkayu Regency in Southeast Sulawesi. "AAM Palu will cater to 33 public and private hospitals, 412 pharmacies, and 38 modern markets," Mr. Setyawan Pantja Juwono revealed.

AAM's presence in Palu began as a Representative Office (RO) in 2010, becoming an official branch two years later. The positive reception from partners and principals led to the branch moving to a larger building on Diponegoro Street in 2015.

The three-story building, located near Talise Beach, offers views of the highlands and the sea. In 2019, the branch reverted to a representative office under AAM Makassar's management. "I extend my gratitude to the management and the AAM Palu team for their extraordinary contributions to re-establishing AAM Palu," said AAM Regional Operations Manager Mr. Wiratama Listyo Diyatmoko.


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