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AAM Wins the Indonesian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise Study Award 2012

PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) received the Indonesian Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) Study Award 2012 on July 10, 2012, at the Ballroom of The Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta. AAM was chosen as the winner because it excelled and ranked in the Top 5 for 3 out of 8 criteria, which are: shaping organizational knowledge culture, creating and maintaining an environment for sharing knowledge, and managing customer/stakeholder knowledge to create value and organizational intellectual capital.

The Indonesia MAKE Study Award was presented by the Chairman of the Indonesian MAKE Study, Mr. Andiral Purnomo, to Mr. Eddy Henry, who represented AAM. Also present were Mr. Budi Guna Halim (HR Manager), Mr. Andreas Listanto (Organization Development Executive), and Mr. Budiman Halim (Knowledge Management Officer).

The MAKE Study is an initiative of Teleos, a knowledge management and intellectual capital research institute based in the UK. This award is a form of recognition given to organizations that manage their company knowledge into products, services, or work performance that excels, resulting in added value to the shareholders and stakeholders of the organization.

The panel team of the Indonesia MAKE Study Award consists of top executives from leading companies in Indonesia, senior academics, and senior consultants from Dunamis Consulting. The award ceremony was held by Dunamis Consulting through the 2012 Indonesian Knowledge Festival: Indonesian MAKE Study Award with the theme: "Knowledge is not Power, Shared knowledge is POWER".


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