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The Signing of the Drug Distribution Cooperation Agreement Between AAM and PT Phapros Tbk

PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM), which has been in the healthcare business for more than 41 years as a trusted distributor of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer health products, remains the company of choice for its business partners.

This distribution cooperation establishes with PT Phapros Tbk, a state-owned pharmaceutical business, which entrusts AAM with the countrywide distribution of its goods beginning on August 1st, 2022. PT Phapros Tbk is a pharmaceutical company established in 1954 and makes more than 250 different kinds of medicines.

The President Director of AAM, Mrs. Juliwaty, and the Marketing Director of PT Phapros Tbk, Mrs. Imelda Alini Pohan, symbolically signed the partnership on August 8th, 2022, at the PT Phapros Tbk office in Menara Rajawali, South Jakarta.

"Through AAM as one of the distributors, there will be a variety of measures to raise public awareness of PT Phapros Tbk. The outstanding reputation of AAM in the community is one of the reasons PT Phapros Tbk made this decision. I hope the collaboration would benefit both parties," said Mrs. Imelda.

AAM distributes PT Phapros Tbk's goods, which range from multivitamin supplements to antibiotics, cold and flu medicines, allergy medicines, and other items. AAM will distribute these medicines through 36 branches nationwide.

"The growth of the national pharmaceutical industry is increasingly prospective, and we are optimistic that this collaboration will be able to support joint business growth and strengthen medical distribution lines," said Mrs. Juli.

With more than 2,300 professionals, 90 customer service officers, and more than 800 salesmen, AAM is ready to distribute PT Phapros Tbk products. Additionally, AAM offers digital solutions via the Integrated Purchase Order System (IPOS) to enable an integrated ordering system as a B2B Digital Order Management Platform.


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