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AAM Participates in IAI's Annual Scientific Meeting to Address Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

In the face of the increasingly dynamic challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) is contributing to the advancement of the healthcare industry in Indonesia by participating in the symposium of the Indonesian Pharmacists Association's (IAI) Annual Scientific Meeting 2023.

This symposium serves as an academic platform that discusses various issues, knowledge, regulations, innovations, solutions, and the latest technologies in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicines, in front of an audience of 1,000 pharmacists, practitioners, academics, as well as pharmaceutical and health regulators in Indonesia.

AAM's presentations, delivered by its Quality Assurance Manager, Ms. Sulviria, spanned two sessions. The first session covered the distribution of precursors from Pharmaceutical Big Companies (PBF) to healthcare facilities, while the second focused on customer complaint handling within PBF.

Ms. Sulviria stated that AAM, being one of the largest national healthcare distribution companies, is committed to complying with regulations while distributing precursors to customers.

"When there's a new facility that wants to purchase products from the PBF, we always start with customer qualification. In this process, we conduct verification and monitoring of the facility's legality," said Ms. Sulviria.

She added that violations of precursor distribution could lead to sanctions from regulators.

"When there are violations and discrepancies in precursor distribution, it's you who will face the consequences. We could receive written warnings, temporary suspension, recommendations for license withdrawal, and even business permit revocation. Therefore, in precursor distribution, we ensure strict compliance," Ms. Sulviria explained.

In the second symposium, Ms. Sulviria presented on the topic of customer complaint handling within PBF. To ensure customer satisfaction, under the category of service complaints, AAM mandates addressing complaints within one working day.

"AAM requires that all complaints must reach a closed status. This also falls within the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of both the pharmacists and any related persons associated with the complaint," Ms. Sulviria added.

The IAI's symposium, themed "Synergizing Global Innovations: Empowering Pharmacy for Sustainable Global Health Solutions," took place from August 24 to 26, 2023, in Solo City, Central Java. This theme reflects the urgency of global collaboration in the pharmaceutical field to address challenges, especially in the realms of pharmacy and health.

Present at the opening of the IAI symposium were the Governor of Central Java, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo; Chairman of IAI, Mr. Noffendri; and several officials from the Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, the Indonesian Ministry of Health, and the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority.


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