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Argon Peduli Promoting Health of Residents in “the City of Flowers"

Medela Potentia through Argon Peduli held free medical treatment for the community in Babakan Ciparay District, Bandung City, West Java on Tuesday, November 21, 2023.

More than a hundred citizens from young children to the elderly took advantage of this opportunity for free health checks and medical treatment. This free treatment is one of the manifestations of one of the core values of 'Deal With Care'.

Also attending the event were Human Resources Director of Medela Potentia, Mrs. Nancy Kartika; Head of AAM Bandung Branch, Mr. Binsar H.P. Panggabean; AAM Bandung Branch volunteers and Argon Peduli team.

Mrs. Nancy said that Argon Peduli aspires to be able to improve the quality of health of the Indonesian people, especially people in the environment around the company.

This social service is also a form of Medela Potentia's support for the third Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), ensuring a healthy life and improving welfare for all ages.

"Through Argon Peduli with this free health check and treatment, we want the community around the company throughout Indonesia to live healthier. Therefore, periodically, we carry out this program throughout Indonesia, "said Mrs. Nancy Kartika.

Mr. Binsar Panggabean hopes that the social services held around the AAM office can have a beneficial impact on the community. "This free treatment can be made possible thanks to good collaboration between the community and the company," added Mr. Binsar.


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