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AKAR AAM Sharing Session for Business Partners in the Jabodetabek Region

"AAM Knowledge Sharing for Customer (AKAR)" was held again on Thursday, June 15, 2023, to provide knowledge sharing for business partners in the Jabodetabek region. Two topics were presented in this AKAR session: allergy treatment and hormonal therapy for addressing hyperandrogenism.

In his opening speech, Mr. Masta, the Deputy Branch Head of AAM Tangerang, warmly greeted the attending partners. "We hope that this AKAR event can enhance the knowledge of our valued business partners," expressed Mr. Masta.

AKAR is one of AAM's knowledge sharing programs for business partners, aiming to provide value-added insights and skills. In organizing AKAR activities, AAM collaborates with principals as a manifestation of supporting the marketing strategy formulated by the principals, thereby increasing the business partners' awareness in the targeted area.

The business partners acknowledged that the AKAR event was highly beneficial for them. Through AKAR, they gained new insights and knowledge about health. The event's concept was designed in an engaging manner, involving speakers with extensive expertise and a humorous presentation style. Moving forward, AAM's business partners hope that AKAR activities will be conducted regularly with more diverse themes.

Every year, AAM consistently organizes AKAR events attended by business partners from various regions, spanning from Aceh to Papua. The knowledge sharing materials and themes in each event are tailored to meet customer needs and market developments. This AKAR session marks the first offline event held since the COVID-19 pandemic began.


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