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Promoting Healthcare Access: Argon Peduli’s Impact in Malang

Knowing your health condition through regular check-ups is a good step in maintaining your well-being and quality of life. By having regular health checks, everyone can detect potential health problems and take the necessary preventive measures or treatment.

To assist the community in identifying their health concerns, Medela Potentia, through Argon Peduli, conducted free health check-ups and treatments for 160 residents of Malang City. This initiative took place in Sawojajar Sub-district, Kedungkandang District, Malang City, East Java.

Residents had the opportunity to have their blood sugar, cholesterol, and uric acid levels checked. This activity is part of Argon Peduli's commitment to continuously improve public health by understanding each individual's health condition.

"By organizing social services for health checks and free medicine, the company wholeheartedly shows a real commitment to improving public health, especially the environment around the company. This is also a form of good synergy between the company and the surrounding community. We hope that this activity can provide benefits for residents," said Mr. Oska.

Chairman of RW 6 Sawojajar Village, Mr. Hari Kartono expressed his gratitude to Argon Peduli for the activities carried out in his area. "All residents would like to express their gratitude to AAM Malang Branch through Argon Peduli for the free health checking and medical activities carried out in our neighborhood. This health check is important to find out the health condition of residents, "said Mr. Hari.


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