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Dengue Awareness Campaign and Prevention Enliven

Dengue Awareness Campaign and Prevention Enliven AAM Anniversary in Bekasi

Early in the morning of September 25, 2010, about 30 residents in RW 04/ RT 03 Kelurahan Marga Jaya enthusiastically flocked to attend the dialogue with the advisor officers of Puskesmas Marga Jaya, Kec. Bekasi Selatan, Bekasi. That Saturday morning, they participated in counseling on the Prevention of Dengue Fever. Some women who attended even brought along their toddler.

Drg. Ovi and Mother Resti, two health advisor workers from the local health center, provide lucid and practical description in answering questions submitted by the attendance. Both warned of the danger of dengue fever which may not be easily detected. “Symptoms of other diseases can give us time to be detected in a relatively longer time. But if it was a dengue fever, the lives of patients may not be saved even on the next day, “said Mrs. Resti reminding the serious danger of dengue fever.

Dengue Fever Awareness Campaign is a social activity that was held AAM Bekasi Branch in cooperation with Dharma Dexa, MOSKY, and Terminix. Present on the occasion were AAM Bekasi team, DK Lambang (AAM Offices Bekasi), and Gwendoline Pranatalia (Dharma Dexa).

In his speech, the Supreme Pamungkas, representing AAM Bekasi, said that the activities was held on the occasion of the 30th AAM anniversary. “We have been present for 10 years in Bekasi,” said Agung. He also explained that this activity is a part of AAM social responsibility to the environment and surrounding community. “That is because we are located in Bekasi Mas, near to your neighborhood here,” he explained.

Uci Sanusi, Community Chairman of RW 03, hope that this program could increase the awareness of residents. “Hopefully people can understand the importance of dengue fever prevention,” he stated. After the counseling, Terminix, pest control service provider, conducted the treatment of condensation (mist blower) to mosquito nest. Condensation method currently replaces fogging (fumigation) which has been commonly used. “Condensation is safer than fogging because it can reduce substance residue on kitchen appliances or eating utensils,” explained Mr. Trias, representative from Terminix. He explained that the misting method sprays a mixture of water and active substance into puddles in the neighborhood area.

From 3M to 5M

AAM Bekasi also brought in MOSKY team of Jabotabek area, and the leader, Robby (Sales & Promotion Manager Greater Jakarta Area) to disseminate prevention of dengue fever. “Not to forget the MOSKY team convey beneficial product knowledge to our community. Prevention of dengue fever”, clarified Robby to the attendance, “Now it is no longer enough to do 3M, but we have to do 5M. “It’s not enough to Menguras (draining), Menutup (closing up any open water container), and Mengubur (burying unnecessary stuffs),” he said. But coupled with the new 2M, ie, “Memakai Mosky (Put on MOSKY),” he continued, acclaiming smiles from the residents.

On that occasion, MOSKY team helped in distributing product samples and conduct direct sales to the residents. Not only that, Mr. Robby also used the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with several personnel who serves as larva observer (Jumantik: Juru Pemantau Jentik) Marga Jaya Village to also introduce MOSKY product. (*)


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