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Goes Green 2008 at Pekanbaru Branch

On December 13, PKU branch successfully conducted AAM Goes Green and contributed 26 greening plants (Mahoni, Ceri, Sawo Manila and ketapang plants) to RT 01/RW 05 of Padang Terubuk village, Senapelan Sub-district, Pekanbaru Municipality. This success cannot be separated from cooperation between employees of PT Djembatan Dua and the neighborhood residents, especially assistance from the Head of Neighborhood Association (RT) who directly visited the field to make us know locations of such greening plants.

With the theme “We Care Global Warming”, the agenda commenced at 09:00Hrs and attended directly by the Head of Neighborhood Association (RT) 01, Mister Suhaemi. It was started with message speech from Mister Handiman (Head of Penakbaru Branch) who gave explanation that AAM Goes Green is one of realization of Community Relation Program (CRP) of AAM year 2008 and AAM’s awareness toward quality environment surrounding the office.

Following are comments from the Head of Neighborhood Association (RT 01), Padang Terubuk Village and the residents:

Mister (Head of RT 01) : With coming into existence the greening program from PT Djembatan Dua, we would thank and appreciate such program which indirectly give assistance to the government official. Hopefully, this program will become model for the surrounding residents for increasing their awareness to environment. Mister Zamhur (Resident of RT 01): Thanks to PT Djembatan Dua for its greening program. We will take care the plants to keep green our environment. (Tim cabang PKU).


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