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Customer Gathering and Sustainable Customer Satisfaction

On September 16, 2009 PT Anugrah Argon Medica (AAM) held a customer gathering and Sustainable Customer Satisfaction seminar at Titan Center building located at Jalan Boulvard Bintaro Blok B7/B1 No 05, Bintaro Sector 7 , Tangerang, attended by 120 customers. This agenda is one of series of activities of commemoration of the National Customer day which falls on September 4, 2009 as well as a fast breaking together with customer and commemoration AAM birthday which falls on coming September 27, 2009.

The invitees came at 14:00Hrs; while waiting the program is commenced, they talked with AAM team at Pre-Function Hall. In that room also provided with information service concerning AAM through Plasma TV and wall photo. Stimuno, Vitafem and medical equipment also participated in this program. Exactly at 14:45 the Theater Room gate opened, the invitees allowed to enter the Theater room.

The program commenced with opening by MC and presentation from Mr Erwin Tenggono as AAM Managing Director concerning industrial update, AAM services, and strategic partnership expected by customer.

After presentation delivered by Mr Erwin, and then continued with the next agenda that is sustainable customer satisfaction seminar delivered by customer satisfaction expert and the program creator of the National Customer Day that is Handi Irawan from Frontier. In such seminar Handi Irawan explained concerning:

  • What is the most effective customer satisfaction strategy?

  • What customer satisfaction dimension which will become trend in future?

  • What is maximal customer satisfaction index for your company?

  • Is it necessary to create delighted customer?

  • How to establish organization which supports customer satisfaction?

The participants show their enthusiasm in listening explanation from Handi Irawan. Question and answer session given to all participants assisted by moderator Mr V Hery Sutanto (Head of Operation & Finance AAM). Some questions were asked and answered clearly by Handi Irawan. To satisfy participants, Handi Irawan gave more opportunities to any other participants who want to ask question.

After Handi Irawan answered question, Mr Satrio Pramudono as Customer Service Manager closed the program and thank and explain to all of the invitees that AAM will give the prizes in the form of 2 books, namely MAKE which contains the companies which success implemented learning process in the company and Learning from Life Book which is collection of writing made by Mr. Erwin Tenggono taken from Review column AAM media magazine so far. Learning from life book is issued due to positive responds from AAM media readers concerning Review made by Mr. Erwin. For expression thank, Handi Irawan received such prize given directly by Mr Erwin Tengono.

At the end of the program, it was carried out the doorprize drawing for the invitees, that is 10 consolation prizes given by Mr. Hendra Setiono, as the National Operation Manager, 1 digital Olympus camera and 1 cellular Sony Ericsson given by Mr. Edbert Oroto and as the Head of Business & Infrastructure.

Sustainable Customer Satisfaction seminar ended exactly at 18.00. To the invitees were asked to enjoy fast breaking and dinner together. (*)


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