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Implementation AAM Goes Green at Jember Branch

Yesterday for almost 2 hours Town of Jember experienced rainstorm and whirlwind destroying trees along the street including the old and powerless tree at the left side of the office branch, so that planting by AAM is precise step for rejuvenation.

AAM Goes Green agenda at Jember branch on this day Saturday, November 15, 2008 commenced at 07:10 WIB (ten past seven Western Indonesia Time) o’clock attended by Vice Head of RT. 02 (Mr. Djoni), Environment Security Section (Mr. Nanang), administrators & residents of RT. 02 as many as 10 persons, and Goes Green Committee AAM Jember as many as 12 persons.

In the opening ceremony, head of Jember Branch Office delivered speech to provide instruction and explanation to all of attendants on purpose of the implementation of this Goes Green Program, among others are awareness of the company to environment where AAM domiciled, so that it will give the positive impact to the surrounding residents and create the company image among the pople where security and comfortability feeling are supported by the local residents.

This AAM Goes Green is one of community programs made by management of head office in Jakarta which is continually to be implemented with other community programs to be implemented at all of AAM Branches throughout Indonesia.

The Residents of RT.02 appreciates AAM for its voluntarily idea in greening the area as it is very important for their environment.

AAM is one of companies which only domiciled within RT.02 Kebon Sari but it can show its awareness and cooperation with the local residents of RT.02, also participated during the National Great Day such as in the last August 17, unlike with other companies that also domiciled at RT.02 environment that are passive and uncare to the environment.

Further, the team and residents started planting as many as 18 plants consists of 10 Philisium trees, 5 Tanjung Trees & 3 Manggoe Trees ( to be implanted within AAM office). As the planting is situated along side the highway, this program once become concern of the road users and companies accross the road.


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