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Social Initiatives by Argon Peduli for the Residents of Tapis Berseri City

Argon Group, through its initiative Argon Peduli, once again demonstrates its commitment to promoting public health in Indonesia by organizing a free medical treatment event on Saturday, July 1, 2023, in Tanjung Karang Pusat District, Bandar Lampung City.

Hundreds of residents in the city that known as "Tapis Berseri," had the opportunity to undergo health check-ups, including blood pressure, uric acid, blood sugar, and cholesterol tests. This social service event also provided doctors for consultations regarding the community's health issues and concerns.

Present at this medical treatment event were Mr. Eko Lucky Hendrawan, Head of AAM Bandar Lampung Branch, as well as teams from Argon Peduli and AAM Bandar Lampung Branch.

Mr. Eko stated that this social service activity reflects the company’s core values: Deal with Care. "This corporate social initiative, in the form of free medical treatment, allows us to contribute to the local community around the AAM Bandar Lampung branch. With a spirit to promote the public health, it is hoped that similar social service activities will continue to benefit more people," expressed Mr. Eko.


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